Internazionale, Napoli, Sampdoria, Botafogo, and now Juventus. The most important international soccer teams choose Globus EuroGoal, the ball shooting machine designed to train modern soccer.
It is the perfect trainer’s assistant on the field: EuroGoal can train goalkeepers by simulating any kind of power and spin shot. EuroGoal is used also to train corner kicks and complicated play situations in the penalty area. Thanks to an innovative concept, Globus EuroGoal can reproduce exactly all the shots that the great soccer champions can do.
EuroGoal can shoot the ball up to a speed of 140 Km/h in steps of 10 Km/h, applying special spin to the trajectories. The exclusive triaxial pointing system controlled by an electronic control unit can create not only power shots but also top-spin trajectories, usually used in free kicks with wall, or back spin trajectories, which are typical in case of crosses in the penalty area or long passes.
“Training goalkeepers is a special task”, says Claudio Filippi, goalkeeper trainer of Juventus F.C., “because you have to train extraordinary athletes for a demanding mission. In order to prepare them for top performance, a machine like EuroGoal is absolutely indispensable to improve speed of reaction and movement explosivity. Precise repetitions of goal shots at a fast pace permit to improve the specific technique and train physical and psychological resistance to obtain amazing performance.”
EuroGoal is innovative for another reason, too. Indeed, Globus and its research center patented a system that gives high performance without ruining balls.

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