FAQ Electrostimulation Devices

How many sessions can I perform on a weekly basis?

As regards physical training sessions, we recommend to follow the weekly programs in the Personal Trainer. As regards fitness and beauty, the number of sessions depends on the type of treatment. 3-4 sessions per week on alternate days are suggested for toning. Lipolysis and drainage treatments can be executed every day.

When are the first results visible?

Aesthetic results are always subjective. However, as far as toning is concerned, 3-4 regular and constant weekly sessions can already bring good results after 15 days, while electrolipolysis and electrodrainage need 40 days. Better and quicker results are obtained if treatments are combined with good physical activity and a correct life style.

Do dermatological diseases (psoriasis, urticaria, etc.) prevent the use of the electrostimulator?

Yes, do not treat areas affected by serious dermatological pathologies.

Is it possible to use the electrostimulator during menstrual cycle?

Possible interferences, such as anticipation, delay, accentuation or reduction of the cycle are extremely subjective and variable. However, it is recommended to avoid treatments in the abdominal zone during menstrual cycle and immediately before or after it.

What happened if, when I increase it above 10 mA, intensity goes immediately back to 0 mA?

As explained in user manuals, the device is equipped with a current-supply control. If intensity is increased above 10 mA and the circuit is open, the device brings it back to 0. Therefore, before starting any treatment, make sure that cables are connected, that electrodes are placed on the area to be treated and that they are not too worn out, as this could decrease their conduction capacity.

What electrodes should be used?

It is recommended to use adhesive electrodes, as they improve stimulation quality and are more practical. If properly maintained (e.g. cleaning the skin properly), they can be used for up to 25 – 30 applications. Electrodes should be replaced in any case when they no longer stick and stay perfectly in contact with the skin.

Where should the electrodes be placed?

The manual includes images describing electrode positioning for all body parts (it is not necessary to respect the indicated polarity). Therefore, it is sufficient to follow the instructions. However, it is possible to verify the correct placement using the special Motor Point Pen or following this empirical method: place the electrodes as indicated in the picture; during the stimulation, move the electrode with a hand and push it in different directions, sliding the skin over the muscle. You will notice an increase or decrease of the stimulation, depending on the different positioning of the electrode. Once you locate the point of highest stimulation, decrease channel intensity to zero (0.0 mA), reposition the electrode and increase the intensity gradually.

Use of Y cables.

They give the possibility of using more electrodes with the same channel. This allows you to work, for example, on quadriceps vastus medialis and vastus lateralis with the same channel; you can use both split channels to treat two limbs simultaneously, involving 4 muscles. Do not use them for medical applications.

Does power decrease using Y cables?

The power intensity for each channel does not vary. However, when Y cables are used on a channel, the current is distributed on a wider muscle area, therefore the contraction will be weaker. Increase the intensity to obtain the same contraction. Turn the electrostimulator off, detach electrode cables and insert the charger connector in the appropriate inlet. Connect the charger to 220V mains.

Can electrostimulation hurt?
Muscle damaging is very unlikely. An important principle that should be followed is to increase intensity gradually, observing muscle behavior and avoiding to keep the limb completely outstretched. In case of doubt, please contact a specialist.
Is it possible to use the electrostimulator during lactation?
Until now, the use of electrostimulation during lactation has not shown any side effects. Nonetheless, it is recommended not to treat the thoracic region.