FAQ Magnetotheraphy

The device does not display the gauss.

Control: Check that the solenoid connector is connected properly.

Solution: Connect the solenoids when the device is off and then switch it on.

The solenoids overheat.

Control: Check the data entered in the program.   

Solution: In case of highly-sensitive skin, decrease the magnetic flow (gauss) for the first sessions or cover the part to be treated with a cotton cloth.

The device does not switch on without power supply unit.

Control: the device cannot be powered with batteries.

Solution: Connect the power supply unit supplied with the device.

The device does not switch on.

Control: Check that the device is switched on properly.

Solution: Keep the on/off button pressed for 3 seconds.

The device switches off unexpectedly.

Control: Check the program time and check the auto-switch off time.

Solution: Increase the auto-switch off time from the setup menu or increase the treatment time.

Characters are not displayed.

Control: Check the contrast in the setup menu.

Solution: Adjust the contrast in the setup menu of the device.

Solenoids do not emit the magnetic flow.

Control: Check the magnetic flow with an iron paperweight at an approximate distance of 0.5cm from the solenoid. In case of negative response, check that the connection pins of the device are not broken or bent.

Solution: Contact the Customer Service.