Genesy 600

Genesy 600 is a device from the Globus electrotherapy line designed for professional therapy, complete and easy to handle. Its portability also makes it suitable for home therapy for the most demanding users.

Medical device


Rechargeable battery


Genesy 600
This 4-channel device combines the completeness of the professional electrostimulation products of the Globus line with the practicality of use and ease of handling of products for home therapies.
Its selection of programmes is particularly suitable for the treatment of pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Plus, with Genesy 600 you can create and save new programmes.

Special features

Medical device
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Rechargeable battery
Genesy 600

149 programmes designed for the treatment of pain and musculoskeletal disorders

Genesy 600 programmes

Programme list

Swollen ankles – Atrophy – Hemiplegia-upper limbs – Hemiplegia-lower limbs – Post ACL surgery recovery – Functional recovery – Ankle rehabilitation – Leg rehabilitation – Muscle spasms – Shoulder subluxation prevention – Vast medial reinforcement – Agonist/Antagonist – Pointing pen – Muscle strengthening

Conventional antalgic TENS – Modulated antalgic TENS – Low frequency antalgic TENS – Endorphinic TENS – Knee pain – Menstrual pain – Post-surgery pain – Chronic pain – Shoulder pain (scapulohumeral syndrome) – Carpal tunnel – Trapezius pain – Rotator cuff inflammation – Pain muscle pain – Sciatica – Chronic lower back pain – Neck pain – Bursitis-tendinitis – Bone fractures – Epicondylitis – Osteoarthritis


Mixed incontinence

Epicondylitis – Scapulohumeral periarthritis – Contusion – Sciatica – Lower back pain – Acute pain – Joint pain – Torticollis – Whiplash – Shoulder sprain – Knee sprain – Tendon inflammation

Triangular (low denervation level) – Trapezoidal (medium denervation level) – Rectangular (high denervation level)

Capillarisation – Warm-up – Pre-competition warm-up – Active recovery – Maximal strength – Resistant strength – Explosive strength – Aerobic endurance – Reactivity – Post-competition recovery – Decontracting – Hypertrophy

Firming – Bio Pulse Firming – Shaping – Bio Pulse Shaping – Toning – Mass Augmentation – Body Sculpting – Definition – Jogging – Anaerobic Fitness – Aerobic Fitness – Cramp Prevention

The ‘3S’ programme list includes 12 parameter combinations.
The ‘3S’ programmes feature a delay in the activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2.

Serial Sequential Stimulation makes it possible to stimulate muscles in a kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscle districts involved.

The ‘Action Now’ programme list includes 7 parameter combinations.

The ‘Action Now’ programmes are particularly useful for associating and synchronising electrical stimulation with a voluntary action.



Visible area size 2.6"


4 independent (8 electrodes)


0.3-150Hz (depending on current type)

Pulse width

40-450µs (depending on current type)


0-120mA per channel

Power supply

Rechargeable batteries


100x160x35 mm


450 g

Genesy 600 Standard equipment

G3553 equipment

1 bag

1 GENESY 600 stimulator

4 electrode connection cables

2 Microcurrent and ionophoresis cables

4 square self-adhesive electrodes

4 rectangular self-adhesive electrodes

1 charger

1 operating manual

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