Magnetovet 200

Magnetovet 200 is the GLOBUS product for home veterinary magnetotherapy. Its intense electromagnetic field makes it a highly effective product.

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Mains power supply

Magnetovet 200
Magnetovet 200 therapies show remarkable results in the treatment of major osteoarticular disorders affecting animals, providing therapeutic benefits and improving their condition.
Thanks to its ease of use, Magnetovet 200 is perfect for home treatment of chronic pain, with dedicated programmes for dogs, cats and horses, making it an affordable choice for animal care.

Special features

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Power supply
Magnetovet 200

The perfect instrument for home magnetotherapy for animals

List of Magnetovet 200 programmes

Programmes specifically designed for animals:

Fracture – Pseudoarthrosis – Wounds / Ulcers – Hip osteoarthrosis – Knee osteoarthrosis – Elbow osteoarthrosis – Shoulder osteoarthrosis – Spondyloarthrosis – Dislocation – Cicatrisation – Oedema – Peripheral paralysis – Inflammatory pain.

Osteoarthrosis – Wounds / Ulcers – Discopathy – Oedema.



Size 2.6", backlit



Deliverable intensity

200 Gauss average per channel with flex solenoids


Adjustable programming from 5 to 200Hz

Duty cycle

5% to 50% in steps of 5

Power supply

Mains, battery pack (optional)




440 g

Magnetovet 200 Standard equipment

The Magnetovet 200 kit

1 bag

1 MAGNETOVET 200 device

1 therapeutic bed 700x440 mm

1 flexible solenoid 300x100 mm

1 soft fleece blanket

Power supply unit

1 operating manual

Purchase options

Code G5620 Equipment without therapeutic bed

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