We are proud to offer technical assistance to customers who purchased a Globus product or any other product distributed by Globus. The Globus Customer Service Staff is made up of highly-specialized technicians who keep constantly updated on all technological innovations. The constant training of staff, the use of sophisticated tools and our powerful logistics enable us to be always ready to provide assistance for any type of appliance, from the oldest to the most recent models.

What to do in case of problems

If problems in the use of the products are detected, before contacting Globus Customer Service Department, please read the Troubleshooting section and follow its guidelines, because several problems are due to to causes that can be solved easily.

In case that the abovementioned procedure does not solve the problem and the product is still malfunctioning, then please bring it back to the store where you purchased it or fill in the assistance request form properly and send it to the Customer Service Department of Globus. The Customer Service will issue a RMA code, indispensable for delivering/fixing the product.

Assistance Request Form

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