Sail Pro

For those who love the sea and are able accept challenges… Every day, at their best.
With specific programs designed to improve the shape of sailing and water sport (windsurf, sup or kitesurf) enthusiasts, Sail Pro is the personal trainer for a perfect shape.
The goal of SAIL PRO is to help to make more pleasant and safe your days on board and, at the same time, to improve performance if you like to compete.

The specific programs of the SAIL PRO electrostimulator are divided into five big macro-areas:

19 programs to improve the general muscular qualities, taking into account the specific needs of the sailor and of those who practice windsurf or kitesurf.
4 warm-up and training programs of the main muscle groups.
5 programs to treat the most recurring traumas and annoyances.
4 programs dedicated to relax and loosen the tired muscles.
4 programs aimed to drastically reduce the number of injuries and the main musculoskeletal ailments of the sailor.