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Physiolaser  500  accelerates  the  inflamed  tissue recovery,  regenerates  cells  and  improves microcirculation.
Physiolaser  500  is  especially  effective  in  all  the situations where the muscle/articular tissue is inflamed.
Inflammation  is  usually  due  to  a  reduced  microcirculation. In return the circulation reduction reduces the  blood  quantity  arriving  to  the  cells,  causing  an ischemic damage.
Reducing the ischemic time, Physiolaser 500  reduces the pathology duration and the relative pain.
Physiolaser 500 accelerates the healing and the pain elimination both used alone and toghether with other therapeutic modalities. It allows in this way to reduce the use of analgesics and anti-inflammatories.
Physiolaser 500  enhances  the  natural  healing  body process.

Programmable:  in  multi-spot  mode  and  scansion mode
The main therapeutic effects are:
·  Anti-inflammatory effect
·  Anti-edemigenous effect
·  Biostimulating effect
·  Analgesic effect