PressCare G 200M

Professional pressotherapy always at hand.
Two different programs for health, well-being, beauty and relaxation.
Powerful and user-friendly, PressCare G200M is a light and portable device that offers professional performances.

Professional device indicated for: lymphedema, vascularization, heavy limbs, drainage , swollen legs and arms, water retention, edema from immobility, cellulite, massages, lymphatic drainage, hematomas, etc.
Model with 2 programs of the new Globus pressotherapy line, suitable for medical, wellness, beauty and relaxation needs.


Model Boots Sleeves Abdominal band 
G5094 PressCare G 200M–1 1
G4267 PressCare G 200M–2 2
G4268 PressCare G 200M–3 2 1
G5097 PressCare G 200M–1B 1