RF Beauty 6000 Med

The heat for your beauty
GLOBUS Beauty 6000 MED is an innovative PROFESSIONAL machine operating in resistive and capacitive mode for aesthetic applications, against ageing of the facial and body skin.
It includes preset programs to treat deep and superficial cellulite and the most common flaws of face and body skin.

Scientific researches have demonstrated that RADIOFREQUENCY stimulates the blood circulation and the cellular metabolism by producing:
– wrinkle smoothing and skin smoothing
– recovery of cutaneous elasticity (elastosis and loose skin)
Thanks to GLOBUS Technology, it is possible to control all the impulses parameters (emission frequency from 470 KHz to 2 MHz, time and power), and to modulate the energy in the treated area in a way to obtain the maximum efficiency both in the superficial and deep treatments.

Radiofrequency (RF) produces energy, perceived as heat, which stimulate the metabolism of the treated tissues. The radiofrequency flow, crossing the skin, increase the temperature of the lower tissues, and in particular of the supporting structure, elastin and collagen, which determine the skin elasticity and firmness.