RF Beauty 7000

Powerful and versatile device of the radiofrequency range.
A touch-screen navigation system to facilitate treatment search and parameter modification, an Atlas describing the treatments for all body parts, with color pictures and a section where the operator can structure and store personalized treatments. These are just some of the reasons that make RF 7000 the best expression of Globus beauty radiofrequency.

RF 7000 Beauty is the most comprehensive, powerful and versatile machine in the range of radio frequency machines. The RF Therapy  is a form of thermotherapy spreading more and more for its extraordinary effectiveness in aesthetic applications against ageing of the facial and body skin.
The principle on which it is based is that of endogenous heat produced with highfrequency currents applied through electrodes to the body part that you want treat.
The choice of programs and the change of parameters are very easy to do thanks to a color touch screen.
The menu provides a complete set of Preset Programs and an Atlas describing treatments divided into different body parts with color pictures.

Main features:

Different selectable working frequencies (400khz – 470khz – 700khz – 1000khz – 1200khz.).The ability to have multiple frequencies allows the operator to work in a timely manner to different depths.

The automatic scanning program allows, within the same treatment, to transport energy in an uniform way, before in the deeper tissues, then in the middle, and finally in the more superficial tissues.

The program allows to facilitate the absorption of the active principle of a drug or cream.

After choosing the parameters and placing the electrodes, simply start the automatic program. The operator, in this way, will have the possibility to integrate the therapy with manual techniques.

Biostimulation of tissues without heat generation thanks to the controlled pulsed output.

Ability to use programs with pulsed emission of different ratio (duty cycle). This, for example, allows to maintain high the energy transferred to the tissues preserving, at the same time, a good temperature control.