Winshot 1000

A fundamental training companion
Extraordinary maneuverability, possibility of creating an unlimited number of trajectories and reproducing all ball effects and game plans: in a word, Winshot.

[expand title=”Read More”] Winshot 1000 surely is an essential tool for the technical evolution of the Volleyball as a sport:
it proves itself very important in the youth leagues for it provides a rapid and correct technical training, but reveals itself even more fundamental in the high level training.
Since many years, champions are using with success volleyball throwing machines in their technical preparation for the spectacular results they can obtain in the serve receive and defence techniques.
Since the medium height of players and the athletic performances have reached actual levels, Volleyball game itself changed and has in one hand undergone an evolution that went through a super specialisation of roles, central and free players in particular, and in the other hand, with a power in attack and in service never achieved before that can crush the playing capacity of the opponent. [/expand]