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The human body is subject to Earth’s gravity force during the whole of its life. Gravity force generates vibratory stress and causes mechanical and metabolic adaptive response.
Vibration platform training to improve athletic performance began at Moscow Olympics (1980), when vibration platforms were used for the first time by the Olympic team gymnasts.
Today the use of vibrations is widespread in every field, even by astronauts to fight muscle hypotrophy and bone decalcification during their stay in space.

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Osteoporosis has become a real socio-economical problem affecting all elderly population.
Osteoporosis is a complex-etiology metabolic disease of bone tissue, characterized by a localized or generalized reduction in bone tissue.
The bone matrix, consequent to an unbalance between speed of synthesis and speed of degradation remains mineralized but quantitatively reduced.
A radiological exam would highlight bone rarefaction, thinning and reduction of trabecules and an increase in marrow spaces.
Osteoporosis affects one woman out of four, and one man out of eight. There is a senile and postmenopausal form, and a secondary form associated with prolonged immobilization and endocrine disorders.

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Arthrosis & Heart

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The arthrosis is a degenerative alteration of the articular cartilages that involves 80% of the elderly. This progressive disease, which often leads to disability, changes the characteristics of the cartilage tissue that can no longer absorb mechanical stress and protect articulations. The stimulation with the vibrations of Physioplate permits to stop the degenerative process and to improve articular functionality thanks to the secretion of synovial fluid that lubricates and imbibes cartilages and reduces pain.

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Lipolysis & Cellulite

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Vibration platform training brings about an increase in calorie consumption, due to the muscle work on the platform, and an increase in basal metabolism, which is the calorie requirement in rest condition. The organism, thanks to the greater secretion of GH hormone, consumes fats to respond to the higher energy consumption, thus causing an important slimming effect. The massaging effect and the increase in blood circulation help fight cellulite.



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Fitness & Wellness

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The training with Physioplate permits to achieve and maintain a great physical shape and to feel a sense of wellbeing, thanks to the combined effects of vibrations:
– Secretion of natural anabolic hormone (testosterone and GH)
– Increase in force and muscular power
– Strengthening of bone and articular structures.

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Sport & Training

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The correlation between the specificity of the sport practiced and the hormonal profile of the athlete is well known: indeed exercise can induce a significant hormonal response, not only in terms of acute adaptation to the exercise itself, but also as long-term response to the exercise itself (Inoue and coll., 1994; Viru, 1994; Kraemer and coll., 1996). The vibration training, too, produces adaptive hormonal response with an increasing in TESTOSTERONE (C) and SOMATOTROPE HORMONE (GH) concentration together with a decrease in the concentration of CORTISOLE (C) (Bosco and coll., 2000). The VT, if adequately repeated, can induce long-term hormonal adaptations that imply another long-term adaptation of neuromuscular functions (Bosco and coll., 2000).

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The locomotor apparatus functionality in geriatric age is given by the muscular functionality of lower limbs, the muscular-articular mobility, the biomechanics of gait and the static and dynamic balance (Guralnick and coll., 1995). Some researchers suggest that the crucial factor to pre-empt falls during deambulation is muscular power. The ability of the lower limb muscles to produce power can be considered as the most important factor to pre-empt falls of the elderly (90% of hip fractures is caused by falls). Indeed, the vibration training is to be considered as an active exercise.