DiaCaRe 7000
Complete and high-performance

Tecar therapy
Outstanding results even with short treatment cycles with benefits for the patient from the very first session.

Medical device

Fascia tools


Mains power supply

DiaCaRe 7000
DiaCaRe 7000 is the most powerful, versatile and complete machine in the Tecar therapy range.
The device uses both resistive and capacitive modes for the treatment of acute pain as well as acute and chronic conditions of the musculoskeletal system.
Special features
Pulsed treatments
Non-thermal treatments
Automatic frequency scanning
Hands-free mode
Transdermal veiculation
Touchscreen display
Colour display
Mains power supply
DiaCaRe 7000

Heat that heals

The principle on which Tecar therapy is based is that of endogenous heat, produced with high-frequency currents that heal using the body's internal energy and the natural self-regeneration mechanism of muscles and tissues.
Real-time information

1. User name and programme name

2. Parameters of the treatment phase

3. Power percentage

4. Biofeedback

5. Impedance

6. Energy absorbed

7. Treatment phases

8. Remaining time

List of programmes
Medical programmes

Hallux valgus – Arthritis – Arthrosis – Cervical arthrosis – Dorsal or lumbar arthrosis – Acute fracture – Sub-acute fracture – Baker’s cyst – Patellofemoral chondropathy (cartilage lesion) – Herniated disc – Coxarthrosis – Gonarthrosis – Metatarsalgia – Osteochondrosis/Osteochondritis – Periarthritis – Periostitis – Post hip surgery – Disc protrusion – Rhiarthrosis – Sub-acromial conflict syndrome – Ulnar styloiditis – Acute cervicalgia – Chronic cervicalgia – Cervicaobrachial syndrome – Acute lumbago – Chronic lumbago – Lumbosciatica – Bursitis – Adhesive capsulitis – Epicondylitis – Epitrocleitis

1st degree ligament injuries – 2nd degree ligament injuries – 3rd degree ligament injuries – Epicondylitis – Epitrocleitis – Plantar fasciitis – Iliotibial band syndrome – Acute Achilles tendinitis – Chronic Achilles tendinitis – Acute tendinitis – Acute tendinitis – Chronic tendinitis – Pes anserinus tendinitis – De Quervain’s tendonitis/Radial styloiditis – Patellar tendinitis – Tenosynovitis – Sprain traumas with oedema – Sprain traumas without oedema – Acute cervical pain – Chronic cervical pain – Cervicaobrachial syndrome – Metatarsalgia – Acute lower back pain – Chronic lower back pain – Lumbosciatica – Acute osteitis pubis – Chronic osteitis pubis

1st degree muscle injury – 2nd degree muscle injury – 3rd degree muscle injury – Acute cervicalgia – Chronic cervicalgia – Cervicaobrachial syndrome – Whiplash injury – Acute lower back pain – Chronic lower back pain – Lumbosciatica – Acute osteitis pubis – Chronic osteitis pubis

Chronic lymphoedema – Post-traumatic lymphoedema – Phlebitis – Distortion trauma with oedema

Nerve compression – Piriformis syndrome – Acute lower back pain – Chronic lower back pain – Lumbosciatica – Acute osteitis pubis – Chronic osteitis pubis

Other programmes

Pulsed 90 – Pulsed 70 – Pulsed 50

Treatment to apply energy in a particularly even and distributed manner

Treatment to promote the absorption of active ingredients in the treated area

Treatment for tissue bio-stimulation without heat generation

Muscle contracture – Muscle cool down

Colour touchscreen display

Visible area size 7"

Nominal Power (NP)

350W ± 10%

Emission frequencies

300kHz, 400kHz, 448kHz, 470kH, 700kHz, 1000kHz, 1200kHz ± 10%

Treatment methods

Capacitive and resistive

Capacitive Electrodes

3 Ø sizes (30, 50, 70 mm)

Resistive Electrodes

3 Ø sizes (30, 50, 70 mm)

Power supply



515x340x170x220x60 mm


11.5 kg

DiaCaRe 7000
Standard equipment

G5210 equipment

1 DIACARE 7000 Tecartherapy Unit

1 return electrode (flexible plate)

1 resistive monopolar handpiece with 3 electrodes Ø (30, 50, 70 mm)

1 monopolar capacitive handpiece with 3 electrodes Ø (30, 50, 70 mm)

1 bipolar handpiece Ø 50 mm

1 Hands-free treatment kit

1 1000 ml jar of conductive cream

1 power supply cable

1 operating manual

DiaCaRe 7000
Optional Kits

G5651 fascia tools kit G5651

GLOBUS has combined DiaCaRe technology with 'Fascia Tools', special ergonomic electrodes designed for the mobilisation and advanced treatment of all soft tissue disorders.

1 case

1 large DiaBlade

1 small DiaBlade

1 Dia Trigger Point

1 Dia Spine

G6421 Intima kit

The "Intima Kit" is an accessory of the GLOBUS Tecartherapy line suitable for treatment of the pelvic area. The kit consists of 1 handpiece + 2 capacitive monopolar electrodes and can be used with all GLOBUS Tecartherapy devices. The capacitive probes allow the energy to be delivered in a targeted and safe manner. They are specially designed for use with disposable probe covers, which guarantee maximum hygiene during treatment without affecting the therapeutic effects.

1 case

1 capacitive handpiece for DC7K Intima kit

1 capacitive probe Ø 10 mm X 90 mm

1 capacitive probe Ø 20 mm X 90 mm

1 pack of Lubrigima conductive gel specifically for treatments in intimate areas

1 box of 10 PIC probe covers

1 user manual

DiaCaRe 7000

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