Elite S2

Elite S2 is the device from the Globus electrotherapy line designed for all treatment needs. With its 100 programmes, it is the practical and portable system for taking care of your body.

Medical device


Elite S2
The easy-to-use two-channel electrostimulator with 100 programmes designed to take care of yourself or to treat neck pain, lumbago, sciatica or epicondylitis.
Perfect for fitness and beauty treatments or for recovery and injury prevention in sports.
Special features
Medical device
Syncro stim
Rechargeable battery
Elite S2
The electro-stimulator to take care of yourself
Elite S2 programmes
Programme list

Demo – Point finder pen – Lower limb warm-up – Pre-competition warm-up – Maximum strength of lower limbs – Endurance strength of lower limbs – Explosive strength of lower limbs – Reactivity of lower limbs – Capillarisation of lower limbs – Active recovery of lower limbs – Lower limb fatigue – Endurance of lower limbs – Decontracting effect for lower limbs – Maximum strength of abdominals – Endurance strength of abdominals – Active recovery of abdominals – Abdominal fatigue – Abdominal capillarisation – Abdominal decontracting – Upper limb warm-up – Upper limb pre-competition warm-up – Upper limb maximal strength – Upper limb endurance strength – Upper limb explosive strength – Upper limb reactivity – Upper limb capillarisation – Upper limb active recovery – Upper limb fatigue – Upper limb endurance – Upper limb decontracting effect

Conventional antalgic tens – Endorphinic tens – Rotator cuff tendonitis – Muscle pain – Knee osteoarthritis – Post-operative pain – Muscle injury – Cervical pain – Trapezius pain – Sciatica – Lumbago – Epicondylitis – Scapulohumeral periarthritis – Carpal tunnel – Osteoarthritis – Menstrual pain

Anti-cellulite lipolysis in legs – Anti-cellulite lipolysis in buttocks and hips – Anti-cellulite lipolysis in abdominal area – Anti-cellulite lipolysis in upper limbs – Drainage in legs – Drainage in buttocks and hips – Drainage in abdominal area – Drainage in upper limbs – Firming effect for legs – Firming effect for buttocks and hips – Firming effect for abdominal wall – Firming effect for upper limbs – Leg toning – Back toning – Buttock and hip toning – Toning of abdominal wall – Toning of upper limbs – Leg shaping – Shaping effect on buttocks and hips – Shaping effect on abdominal wall – Legs vascularisation – Upper limbs vascularisation – Legs lipostress – Buttocks lipostress – Hips lipostress – Abdominal band lipostress – Upper limbs lipostress – Leg mass increase – Upper limb mass increase – Postpartum abdominal band drainage – Postpartum abdominal band lipolysis – Postpartum abdominal band toning – Postpartum abdominal band definition man – Postpartum pectoral band definition in men – Increased leg mass in women – Increased upper limb mass in women – Swollen upper limbs – Swollen legs – Leg toning massage – Facial beauty 1 – Facial beauty 2 – Breast toning 1 – Breast toning 2

Ankle prevention – Knee prevention – Quadriceps muscle prevention – Shoulder rehabilitation – Shoulder prevention – Elbow prevention

Quadriceps atrophy with prosthesis – Shoulder subluxation prevention

Mixed incontinence


Visible area size 2.5"


2 independent (4 electrodes)



Pulse width




Power supply

Rechargeable batteries


80x130x25 mm


220 g

Elite S2
Standard equipment

G3552 equipment

1 bag

1 ELITE S2 stimulator

2 electrode connection cables

4 square self-adhesive electrodes

4 rectangular self-adhesive electrodes

1 charger

1 operating manual

Elite S2

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