RF Clinic Pro

RF Clinic Body is a professional device that generates radiofrequency waves for aesthetic applications against skin ageing on the face and the whole body. The innovative handpiece allows RF CLINIC PRO to effectively carry out anti-cellulite treatments and firming programmes.

Mains power supply

Rechargeable battery

RF Clinic PRO
RF Clinic PRO allows you to achieve professional results entirely autonomously. It is equipped with specific programmes for facial care, skin care and cellulite treatment.
The device's radiofrequency produces energy, perceived as heat. This stimulates the metabolism of the treated tissue and, thanks to the control of pulse parameters and energy modulation, maximum efficiency is achieved in both superficial and deeper treatments.
RF Clinic PRO
The professional beauty treatment for your skin
RF Clinic Pro programmes
Programme list

Facial wrinkles – Eye wrinkles – Facial acne – Facial micro-lifting

Acne skin – Body wrinkles – Sensitive skin wrinkles – Cleavage micro-lifting – Stretch marks – Skin elasticity – Bio-skin collagen – Scars – Body furuncles – Skin restructure – Skin smoothing – Firming – Massage

Lipolysis – Cellulite – Oedematous cellulite – Fibrous cellulite – Saddlebags – Orange peel skin cellulite – Male abdomen adiposity – Male hip adiposity – Male upper limb adiposity – Male lower limb adiposity


Visible area size 2.6"




1 RF Clinic 500 handpiece, Ø 50 mm
1 RF Clinic 100 handpiece


200W (50Ω)

Emitted frequency

470kHz to 2MHz

Treatment modes


Power supply

Rechargeable battery (not included)


170x220x60 mm


920 g

RF Clinic Pro
Standard equipment

G1506 equipment

1 case

1 RF CLINIC PRO radio frequency unit

1 RF Clinic 500 handpiece

1 RF Clinic 100 handpiece

1 x 50 ml pack of conductive hyaluronic acid face cream

1 x 50 ml pack of conductive lymph drainage cream with aescin, fucus and caffeine

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

RF Clinic Pro

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