Lipozero G800
Ultrasound approach for beauty centres

A device for professional aesthetics, suitable for combating cellulite and localised fat deposits. and for improving the appearance of the skin. The possibility of delivering with different frequencies guarantees a specific and effective treatment for each objective.

Mains power supply

Rechargeable battery

Lipozero G800
This device has a fundamental lipolytic action but also significantly improves blood and lymphatic circulation, as well as the tone and elasticity of the skin tissue with a reduction in the 'orange peel' skin phenomenon.
Lipozero G800 will improve microcirculation and reduce subcutaneous fat tissue, particularly in the hips, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.
Lipozero G800
Non-invasive, anti-aging
Lipozero G800 programmes
Programme list

Lipolysis – Cellulite – Oedematous cellulite – Fibrous cellulite – Culotte de cheval – Cellulite with orange peel skin – Male adiposity on abdomen – Male adiposity on hips – Male adiposity on upper limbs – Male adiposity on lower limbs

Firming – Massage – Shaping – Abdomen shaping – Leg shaping – Drainage – Arm drainage – Leg drainage – Stretch marks – Application of active ingredients

Acne – Facelift – Wrinkle treatment – Scars – Couperose – Facial furuncles – Body furuncles – Skin restructure – Skin smoothing – Photoaging


Visible area size 2.6"




1 handpiece Ø 42 mm - IP68

1 handpiece Ø 50 mm - IP68


3W/cm² ± 20% at 1.3MHz and 3MHz

1.5W/cm² ± 20% at 1MHz and 800kHz

Emitted frequency

3MHz - 1.3MHz - 1MHz - 8006kHz


Pulsed and continuous

Power supply


Rechargeable battery (not included)


170x220x60 mm


920 g

Lipozero G800
Standard equipment

G6232 equipment

1 case

1 LIPOZERO G800 ultrasound therapy unit

1 multi-frequency handpiece, Ø 42 mm - IP 68

1 Handpiece for use with 39 kHz, Ø 50 mm - IP 68

1 gel pack

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Lipozero G800

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