Regenerate yourself with pressotherapy

Pressotherapy for sports

Pressotherapy is a treatment that uses pneumatic compression to benefit the body. This type of procedure is ideal for muscle recovery and to reduce fatigue after training or a sports competition.

How to use it

GLOBUS pressure therapy devices are easy to use. Simply put on the dedicated accessories according to the body area to be treated and connect them to the device.

With GLOBUS pressure-therapy products you will be able to treat two (upper or lower) limbs and the abdomen at the same time, thanks to the double connectors, to increase the effectiveness of the treatment and reduce the application time.

Types of compression

The sleeves inflate individually, following a disto-proximal movement. This type of compression, known as peristaltic compression, is particularly effective for muscle relaxation, both after training and at the end of a working day.

As one chamber inflates, the previous one gradually deflates, repeating this process for all chambers.

This action also helps reduce swelling caused by muscle microinjuries and water retention.


The sleeves inflate in pairs, following a disto-proximal movement. As one pair of chambers inflates, the previous pair begins to deflate, keeping two chambers inflated at all times.

This type of treatment, which uses peristaltic compression, is particularly indicated for the prevention of venous ulcers, chronic venous insufficiency and other circulatory disorders.


The sleeve chambers inflate individually in the disto-proximal direction, remaining inflated when moving to the next chamber.

This type of compression is called sequential and is used as a true therapy, as in the case of lymphoedema, as it allows the reabsorption and outflow within the lymphatic and venular pathways of the liquid component of the oedema.


Why choose us

Portable and handy devices, suitable for outpatient use but also for physiotherapy at home
Mobile use for the G-Sport model thanks to the Power Bank included
Assistance from our technicians for any information on how to use the products
Leggings available in different sizes
Certified medical devices (PressCare G-200 and PressCare G-300 models)
Ease of use
Effective treatments for athletes

GLOBUS sports pressotherapy devices

PressCare G-Sport 3


Output channels



0-180 mmHg ±10%

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