Tecarvet 2000

Tecarvet 2000 is the device that encapsulates all the quality of Globus’ Tecar therapy. It is a compact instrument with maximum portability without compromising on effectiveness.



Battery pack

Mains power supply

Tecarvet 2000
Thanks to its special bipolar resistive handpiece, Tecarvet 2000 makes it possible to speed up the preparation of animals for treatment.
This instrument has specially developed programmes for performing Tecar therapy on dogs and cats.
Special features
2+2 mode
Power supply
Tecarvet 2000
The portable and effective device for veterinary Tecar therapy
List of Tecarvet 2000 programmes
Programme list

Osteoarthritis – Muscle contractures – Tendinopathy – Oedema.


Size 2.6", backlit


50W, ±10%

Emission frequencies

470KHz, ± 10%

Treatment modes

Bipolar resistive

Mains power supply

Mains, battery pack


170x220x60 mm


1100 g

Tecarvet 2000

Standard equipment

Tecarvet 2000 kit

1 professional case

1 TECARVET 2000 device

1 Bipolar handpiece Ø 50 mm

1 260 ml gel pack

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Tecarvet 2000

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