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Beauty treatments
Cosmetic Tecar therapy
More energy and deeper
Tecar beauty: new generation technology

Tecar Beauty is the Globus line of devices suitable for aesthetic medicine, plastic surgery and beauty professionals.

Our devices use capacitive and resistive energy transfer technology, a high-power technology, completely different from radiofrequency devices used in aesthetics in recent years.

The difference is striking from the very first use, both on superficial treatments involving tissue sagging and on deeper treatments where Tecar Beauty’s performance reaches the dermis and hypodermis, achieving surprising results even on major fat deposits.

How it works
Tecar Beauty

Power control according to target

With Tecar Beauty it is possible to adjust the emission power according to the goals to be achieved. By applying monopolar electrodes you can exploit the potential of the device and obtain, in addition to the thermal effect, crucial benefits in terms of cell metabolism, membrane permeability and microcirculation.

Post-operative cosmetic surgery and acute inflammation


To oxygenate tissues and reduce venous and lymphatic stasis


For skin regeneration, for a non-invasive facelift

Immediate effect and firmer skin
Anti-aging and lifting

Thanks to specific protocols, Tecar Beauty devices are able to stimulate the regeneration of collagen and elastin, ensuring a firming effect on the skin from the very first sessions.

Tecar Beauty treatments
What GLOBUS devices enable us to do for Tecar Beauty
Different treatments for every area of the body

Treatments with Tecar Beauty to combat puffiness and wrinkles

– redefining the oval
– fresher and younger appearance
– filling and reduction of wrinkles
– increased fibroblast activity
– draining and toning of the eye contour
– recompaction of collagen and elastin fibres

Treatments with Tecar Beauty to fight cellulite and sagging skin

– reduction of the orange peel effect
– reduction of localised fat deposits
– reduction of both mild and severe cellulite
– reduction of stretch marks and scars
– remodelling of arms, hips, abdomen and buttocks
– improvement of capillary and lymphatic circulation
– improvement of sagging skin due to ageing or major weight loss




Physio-aesthetics is a branch of physiotherapy that treats disorders underlying skin imperfections.

– facial treatments
– lymphatic drainage
– reduction of stretch marks
– treatment of skin imperfections
– treatment after cosmetic surgery
– treatment of scars and post-liposuction
– improvement of cellulite in its various forms


Treatments with Tecar Beauty to fight bruising and scarring

– treatment of oedema and haematomas
– reduction of localised fat
– treatment of scarring
– prevents the formation of fibrous tissue
– increases oxygenation and tissue metabolism
– performed after cosmetic surgery reduces pain and accelerates the healing process

More energy and deeper
Globus Tecar Beauty products
Tecar Beauty 7000
Nominal Power (NP)

350 W ±10%

Atlas of treatments

Cosmetic Tecar therapy programmes

Emission frequencies

400 kHz, 448 kHz, 470 kHz, 700 kHz,1000 kHz, 1200 kHz, ± 10%

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Tecar Beauty Elite

50W ±10% capacitive, 25W ±10% resistive

Atlas of treatments

Predefined programmes for beauty treatments

Emission frequencies

400kHz, 448kHz, 470kHz, 700kHz, 1000kHz, 1200kHz, ± 10%

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Tecar Beauty 7000 Med
Nominal Power (NP)

350W ±10%

Atlas of treatments

Preset programmes for aesthetic and medical treatments

Emission frequencies

300kHz, 400kHz, 448kHz, 470kHz, 700kHz, 1000kHz, 1200kHz ± 10%

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Tecar Beauty 6000 MED
Nominal Power (NP)

180W ±10%

Atlas of treatments

Preset programmes for major imperfections

Emission frequencies

300kHz, 400kHz, 448kHz, 470kHz, 700kHz, 1000kHz ± 10%

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