Rugby ball shooting machine

In terms of excellence, the Rugbykick ranks at the top of Globus' training machines. The Rugbykick is a product tailored to the needs of professionals, and is able to play hundreds of serves, attacking and setting actions with the utmost precision and with an interval of just 1.5 seconds.
Precision and power for better performance
The Rugbykick ball shooting machine is the ideal training ally for professionals, and others too. Thanks to its memory card, it can save five different types of throws, with different power and effect parameters to best simulate match conditions.
Rugbykick strengths
Does not wear out the balls on the launch wheels (Globus patent)
Digital display with simultaneous adjustment of the two pull wheels
Speed Control System that indicates with a green LED when the ball speed reaches the set value
Five different types of shots can be saved according to power and effect
Articulated, lightweight and adjustable shooting head for variable trajectories
Easy to move around the field in all areas for team and individual work
Quiet and easy to use with targeted ball engagement for maximum shooting precision
Total ball speed control
Rugbykick's speed control system allows the speed of the ball to be controlled by two LED lights, a red and a green one, located in the centre of the machine's control console.
Technical specifications

Maximum height 145 cm, width 70 cm

Length 100 cm


95 kg

Throwing height of the ball

230 cm to 80 cm

Launch speed

From 10 to 120 km/h

Power supply

No. 2 rechargeable batteries 12V - 55Ah


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