Physiolaser 500

Physiolaser 500 is a product from the GLOBUS laser therapy line designed to promote natural healing processes.

Medical device



Rechargeable battery

Mains power supply

Physiolaser 500
Physiolaser 500 is a medical device designed to be an advanced solution for professionals.
It is the most suitable product for accelerating the recovery of inflamed tissues, regenerating cells and improving microcirculation to promote natural healing processes.
List of 808 nm wavelength programmes
Health - Rehab

Arthrosis – Ankle sprain – Knee pain – Ankle sprain oedema – Shoulder joint pain – Epicondylitis – Chronic pain/back pain – Neck pain – Tendinopathies

Beauty treatments - fitness

Wrinkles – Acne – Skin rejuvenation – Facial skin-lifting – Expression wrinkles – Couperose

Breast stretch marks – Oedematous cellulite thighs, hips and buttocks – Fat deposits and cellulite in large areas of the body – Stretch marks – Scars


Size 2.6", backlit

Laser source

Class 4 GaAIAs diode

Maximum power

0.5W ±20%

Compatible wavelength(s)



Continuous and pulsed

Target area dimensions

11 mm optic


Up to 10000Hz

Power supply

Mains and rechargeable battery

Dimensions and weight

100x160x35 mm - 433 g

Physiolaser 500
Standard equipment

G3786 equipment

1 case

1 PHYSIOLASER 500 device

1 808nm laser handpiece with 11 mm optics

2 pairs of protective goggles (patient and operator)

1 emergency button

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Physiolaser 500

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