Medisound 3000

Medisound 3000 is the best product for ultrasound therapy. Thanks to its technical features and software, it is the most versatile device for targeted and effective therapies, and its small size means it can be carried with you to benefit from it anywhere.

Medical device


Mains power supply


Medisound 3000
The Medisound 3000's programmes make it a complete and highly specific product. Its handpiece is effective both in contact and immersion mode, thanks to its ability to put sound waves in continuous or pulsed mode (duty circle) to treat surface and deep tissues with the same result.
Among its main applications, Medisound 3000 stands out for its targeted treatments against tendinitis, bone fracture outcomes, chronic joint conditions, muscle contractures and injuries, but it also used to combat cellulite, stretch marks and hypotonia.
Medisound 3000

Globus excellence for ultrasound therapy in a portable device

Medisound 3000


Programme list

Fractures – Wrist fracture – Tibia stress fractures – Carpal tunnel – Epicondylitis – Back pain – Calcified shoulder tendonitis – Muscle pain – Neck pain – Trapezialgia – Spinal stenosis – Osteoarthritis – Osteoarthritis column – Osteoarthritis shoulder – Osteoarthritis hip – Osteoarthritis knee – Osteoarthritis ankle – Pseudoarthrosis

Oedematous cellulite – Fibrous cellulite – Lipolysis – Hypotonia – Stretch marks – Orange peel skin – Skin smoothing – Lymphatic drainage – Massage – Skin restructure – Facial lifting – Photoaging treatment – Abdominal relaxation – Abdominal fat deposits – Cheval culottes – Thigh and hip drainage – Thigh and hip massage – Buttock and hip fat deposits – Relaxation – Arm lymphatic drainage – Breast stretch marks – Breast relaxation – Wrinkle treatment – Scar treatment – Couperose – Telangiectasias – Body pimples – Facial pimples – Facial acne – Keloid treatment – Application of active ingredients



Visible area size 2.6"




1 handpiece Ø 42 mm - IP68


3W/cm2 ± 20%

Contact management


Emitted frequency

3MHz and 1MHz


Pulsed and continuous

Duty cycle


Power supply

Mains - Rechargeable battery (not included)


170x220x60 mm


870 g

Medisound 3000 Standard equipment

G1033 equipment

1 bag

1 MEDISOUND 3000 ultrasound therapy unit

1 handpiece

1 gel pack

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

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