Lipozero G150
Cosmetic ultrasound therapy device

Lipozero G150 is the device designed by Globus for aesthetic ultrasound therapy. A device that stems from Globus' long experience in medical treatments, for non-invasive therapies with excellent results.

Mains power supply

Rechargeable battery

Lipozero G150
Lipozero G150 works with ultrasonic cavitation, the most effective method of working against cellulite and eliminating superfluous fat.
With its specific programmes and graphical interface, it is both a device that offers high quality performance and is easy to use.
Lipozero G150
Easy to use and with professional results
Lipozero G150 programmes
Programme list

Lipolysis – Abdominal fascia lipolysis – Cellulite – Oedematous cellulite – Oedematous cellulite legs – Fibrous cellulite – Fibrous cellulite legs – Cellulite with orange peel skin – Saddlebags

Lipolysis – Cellulite – Oedematous cellulite – Fibrous cellulite – Culotte de cheval – Cellulite with orange peel skin – Male adiposity on abdomen – Male adiposity on hips – Male adiposity on upper limbs – Male adiposity on lower limbs

Lipolysis NorAd-526 – Cellulite NorAd-526 – Adiposity NorAd-526 – NorAd-526 1 – NorAd-526 2

Male abdomen adiposity – Male hip adiposity

Massage – Shaping – Leg shaping – Draining – Draining arms – Draining legs – Stretch marks – Application of active ingredients

Acne – Facelift – Wrinkle treatment – Scars – Couperose – Facial furuncles – Body furuncles – Skin restructure


Visible area size 2.6"




1 handpiece Ø 42 mm - IP68


3W/cm² ± 20%

Emitted frequency

3MHz - 1MHz - 526kHz - 150kHz


Pulsed and continuous

Power supply


Rechargeable battery (not included)


170x220x60 mm


920 g

Lipozero G150
Standard equipment

G1398 equipment

1 case

1 LIPOZERO G150 ultrasound unit

1 multi-frequency handpiece Ø 42 mm - IP68

1 gel pack

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Lipozero G150

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