The Champion

The Champion is the GLOBUS electro-stimulator designed for athletes who want more from their workouts. Its programmes are dedicated to no less than twelve different disciplines to improve muscle recovery and performance.

Medical device



Rechargeable battery power supply

The Champion
The Champion is a comprehensive device that can be used completely independently. With its wide selection of over 400 programmes, it improves sports performance in disciplines such as cross-country skiing, martial arts, tennis, swimming, volleyball, rugby, golf, sailing, triathlon, football and motorcycling.
The special programmes aim to boost endurance, strengthen muscles, increase explosive strength and reactive readiness. These benefits help prevent inflammation, sprains and other injuries, while promoting faster healing after training.

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The Champion

The benchmark of the modern sportsperson

The Champion's programmes

Programme list

Capillarisation – Warm-up – Pre-competition warm-up – Active recovery – Maximal strength – Resistant strength – Explosive strength – Reactivity – Aerobic endurance – Post-competition recovery – Decontracting – Hypertrophy

Firming – Bio-Pulse Firming – Shaping – Bio-Pulse Shaping – Toning – Bulking – Body sculpting – Definition – Jogging – Anaerobic fitness – Aerobic fitness – Cramp prevention

Drainage – Bio Pulse Drainage – Lipolysis – Postpartum lipolysis – Toning massage – Connective massage – Swollen arms – Facial capillarisation – Improved skin tone – Postpartum drainage – Postpartum firming – Breast firming – Breast shaping – Lifting effect

Quadriceps atrophy – Recovery after ACL surgery – Shoulder subluxation prevention

Conventional antalgic tens – Modulated antalgic tens – Endorphinic tens – Menstrual pain – Chronic pain – Neck pain – Muscle pain – Knee pain – Shoulder pain (scapulohumeral syndrome) – Chronic lower back pain – Bursitis-tendonitis – Osteoarthritis

Epicondylitis – Scapulohumeral periarthritis – Muscle sprain – Contusion – Oedema – Skin ulcer – Sciatica – Lower back pain – Brachial neuralgia – Acute pain – Joint pain – Torticollis – Whiplash – Cervical spondylosis – Shoulder sprain – Knee sprain – Carpal tunnel – Osteoarthritis – Ankle sprain – Achilles tendon inflammation – Patellar tendon inflammation – Rotator cuff inflammation – Tendon inflammation

Mixed incontinence – Stress incontinence – URGE incontinence

Special sports

Specific strength (3 levels) – Speed endurance (3 levels)

Specific strength (3 levels) – Endurance (3 phases)

Aerobic (3 phases)

Resistance strength – Aerobic work

Aerobic work (3 levels)

Maximum strength – Explosive strength – Reactivity – Shoulder prevention

Specific strength – 3 levels – Deltoid strength – 3 levels

Aerobic work – 3 levels – Resistance strength – 3 phases

Resistance strength – Aerobic endurance

Specific strength – 3 levels

The ‘3S’ programme list includes 18 parameter combinations. The ‘3S’ programmes are characterised by a delay in the activation of channels 3 and 4 compared to channels 1 and 2.

Serial Sequential Stimulation makes it possible to stimulate muscles in a kinetic chain thanks to the differentiated activation times of the muscle districts involved.

The ‘Action Now’ programme list includes 7 parameter combinations. This mode is especially recommended in sports or for athletic training where you want to add the muscle contraction induced by a stimulator to work
with overloads in both dynamic and isometric form.



Visible area size 2.6"


4 independent (8 electrodes)


0.3-150Hz (depending on current type)

Pulse width

40-450µs (depending on current type)


0-120mA per channel

Power supply

Rechargeable batteries


100x160x35 mm


450 g

The Champion Standard equipment

G5015 equipment

1 bag

1 THE CHAMPION stimulator

4 electrode connection cables

2 Microcurrent and ionophoresis cables

4 square self-adhesive electrodes

4 rectangular self-adhesive electrodes

1 charger

1 operating manual

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