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Globus electrostimulation

Currents for well-being

Electrostimulation is an effective method for treating cellulite and localised fat deposits. Indeed, this technology produces an aesthetic improvement comparable to that of toning training. By using small electrical impulses, it induces a muscle contraction similar to voluntary contraction, which can provide numerous benefits.

Globus Electrotherapy
A world of health and well-being

Beauty treatments

Stimulation with Globus electrotherapy products improves circulation, facilitates lymphatic drainage and provides new vitality to the tissues with optimal results in beauty treatments.


Lifting, anti-age

Lymphatic drainage


Breast and face toning


The application of electrostimulation generates a very powerful contraction of muscles, producing extraordinary training effects that rapidly raise the muscular qualities and performance of athletes. Globus products are designed to act on the basis of objectives, stimulating the fibre you want to train to achieve professional results directly at home

Well-being currents
Globus electrotherapy devices
Activa 700



4 independent (8 electrodes)

Pulse width

40-450µs *

* Depending on current type


0-120mA per channel

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