Ultrasound The therapy that uses sound waves to transfer energy to the human body.

What is ultrasound therapy?
Ultrasound therapy exploits the therapeutic effects generated by mechanical vibrations produced through the emission of sound waves above the human hearing threshold.
Globus ultrasound therapy devices are innovative and easy-to-use instruments, also suitable for home therapies.
How does ultrasound therapy work?

The effects of ultrasound therapy

Ultrasound therapy is based on the ability of ultrasound waves to penetrate into body tissue. This type of stimulation produces a thermal effect resulting from the conversion of vibrational energy into heat. Its results are widely used in the medical and rehabilitation fields.

The therapeutic indications of ultrasound therapy

How to use ultrasound therapy

As an analgesic in atrotic and periarthritic forms (induces reabsorption of tendon calcifications)

In the presence of osteoporosis, as the piezoelectric effect could have a positive effect on osteogenesis

To stimulate healing of tissues affected by non-infectious inflammatory processes

To facilitate resorption of the haematoma

To facilitate the resolution of muscle spasm, in contractures, to promote healing and to reduce or eliminate periarticular calcifications

To increase connective tissue plasticity, even in the event of cellulite

Globus ultrasound therapy

Globus devices for home electrotherapy

Medisound 3000



Pulsed and continuous


3W/cm2 ± 20%

Emitted frequency

3MHz and 1MHz

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