LaserVet 8.0

LaserVet 8.0 is Globus's handheld, portable high-power pulsed laser therapy device for veterinary treatments.

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Mains power supply


Laservet 8.0
The laser action of LaserVet 8.0 is aimed at tissue regeneration, post-traumatic and anti-inflammatory treatment, and the reduction of both chronic and acute pain.
Its laser therapy programmes are specifically designed for the treatment of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, small mammals, reptiles and birds.
Special features
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Rechargeable battery
Power supply
LaserVet 8.0
The high-powered handheld and portable device for veterinary treatments.
LaserVet 8.0 programme list
Treatments include protocols for:

Such as arthrosis, tendinopathies, contusions, bursitis, muscle contractures and strains, fractures, dysplasia, neuropathies, etc.

Such as skin wounds, granulomas, sacculitis, perianal fistulas, pododermatitis, abrasions, etc.

Such as otitis, sinusitis, stomatitis, etc.


Size 2.6", backlit

Laser source

Class 4 GaAIAs diode

Peak power

8W ±20%

Compatible wavelength(s)

808nm, 980nm and 1064nm (optional)


Continuous and pulsed

Target area dimensions

11 mm optics, 22 mm and 60 mm optics (optional)


Up to 10000Hz

Power supply

Mains and rechargeable battery


100x160x35 mm


440 g

LaserVet 8.0

Standard equipment

LaserVet 8.0 kit

1 bag

1 LASERVET 8.0 device

1 808nm laser handpiece with 11mm optics

2 pairs of protective goggles

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Purchase options

No. G5994 MP handpiece 980nm power 8W

Code G5996 Handpiece 1064nm power 3W

Code G6089 60 mm optic

Code G6092 22 mm optic

LaserVet 8.0

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