Magnum XL Pro

A magnetotherapy device with a full range of preset programmes to treat the most common osteoarticular disorders. The device is among the most powerful on the market and is fitted with 2 solenoids.

Medical device

Easy Program

Rental option


Mains power supply

Magnum XL Pro

Complete, simple, portable

Magnum XL Pro is suitable for treating conditions such as fractures, carpal tunnel and osteoporosis. It also includes aesthetic programmes such as drainage, tissue regeneration and stretch marks.

Special features

Easy Program
Last 10
Rental option
Operating time

List of programmes

Health / Rehab

Arthrosis – Cervical osteoarthritis – Hand osteoarthritis – Shoulder osteoarthritis – Column osteoarthritis – Knee osteoarthritis – Hip osteoarthritis – Arthritis

Back pain – Joint pain

Rotator cuff inflammation – Carpal tunnel – Epicondylitis – Tendonitis

Hip prostheses – Post ACL surgery – Cartilage cleaning – Knee prostheses

Fracture – Shoulder fracture – Clavicle fracture – Forearm fracture – Pelvic fracture – Tibia fracture – Wrist fracture – Femoral neck fracture – Scaphoid fracture – Delayed fracture consolidation – Osteoporosis

Oedema – Contusions – Sprained ankle

Beauty treatments / Fitness

Abdomen Drainage – Upper Limbs Drainage – Thighs, Buttocks and Hips Drainage

Abdomen Cellulite – Upper Limbs Cellulite – Thighs Buttocks and Hips Cellulite

Oedematous states – Leg swelling – Reactivating treatment – Tissue regeneration – Acne – Scars – Facial wrinkles – Stretch marks



Visible area size 2.6"





Duty cycle


Intensity control with flexible diffusers

200 Gauss average per channel
400 total average Gauss (for 2 channels)

Power supply

Rechargeable battery (not included)


100x160x35 mm


280 g

Magnum XL Pro Standard equipment

G3956 equipment

1 bag

1 MAGNUM XL PRO magnetotherapy unit

2 flexible solenoids, 300x100 mm

1 magnum test

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Magnum XL Pro
Standard equipment

G6033 equipment

1 bag

1 MAGNUM XL PRO magnetotherapy unit

2 Pocket Pro solenoids

1 magnum test

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

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