Physioplate My Gold

Physioplate My Gold

Vibrating platform
Physioplate My Gold is the ideal vibration platform for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

It is a highly versatile product, with more than 100 protocols divided into levels and with specific exercises for each body part.
Physioplate My Gold
The Physioplate My Gold vibration platform is designed to provide excellent performance levels and to be as comfortable as possible for the user, thanks to its enlarged and comfortable work surface during vibration training.
This device has a range of over 100 preset protocols for sport, fitness, beauty and a specific range of Rehab programmes.
Physioplate My Gold
Versatile and perfect for training

Size 7" touchscreen colour display



Type of vibration


Frequency range

15-60Hz, with 1Hz variation

Vibration amplitude




Mains power supply

200-230V AC, 50Hz

Total overall dimensions

930x1550x760 mm

Plate dimensions

930x600 mm


450 g

Max. weight allowed

120 kg


170 kg

Physioplate My Gold
Standard equipment

G1061 equipment

1 PHYSIOPLATE MY GOLD vibration platform

1 exercise mat

2 exercise belts

1 power supply unit

1 operating manual

Physioplate My Gold

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