Magnetovet 4000

The Magnetovet 4000 is a high-intensity pulsed electromagnetic field magnetotherapy device. Thanks to its four output channels, it allows several accessories to be connected, so that several body parts or even two animals can be treated at the same time.

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2+2 mode

Mains power supply

Magnetovet 4000
The electromagnetic pulses generated by magnetotherapy can have beneficial effects on both bone and joint tissue in animals.
The electromagnetic pulses produced by the Magnetovet 4000 stimulate the regeneration of new cells and remodelling of existing structures. of existing structures.
Special features
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2+2 mode
Power supply
Magnetovet 4000
The device that allows multiple treatments at the same time.
List of Magnetovet 4000 programmes
Programmes specifically designed for animals:

Fractures – Pseudoarthrosis – Osteoarthrosis – Wounds / Ulcers – Hip osteoarthrosis – Knee osteoarthrosis – Elbow osteoarthrosis – Shoulder osteoarthrosis – Spondyloarthrosis – Discopathy – Dislocation – Arthritis – Arthrosis – Delayed fracture consolidation – Healing – Oedema – Muscle relaxation – Urinary retention – Smooth muscles – Peripheral paralysis – Inflammatory pain.

Fractures – Wounds / Ulcers – Elbow osteoarthritis – Shoulder osteoarthritis – Arthritis – Delayed fracture consolidation.


Size 2.6", backlit



Deliverable intensity

200 Gauss average per channel with flex solenoids, 800 total average Gauss (for 4 channels)


Adjustable programming from 5 to 200Hz

Duty cycle

5% to 50% in steps of 5

Power supply

Mains, battery pack (optional)


170x220x60 mm


1370 g

Magnetovet 4000

Standard equipment

Magnetovet 4000 kit

1 bag

1 MAGNETOVET 4000 device

4 Flexible solenoids mm 300x100

1 flexible solenoid 300x100 mm

Power supply unit

Purchase options

Code G6039 Therapeutic memory foam bed, 4 rolls, mm 700x440 for small dogs and cats. For large dogs buy 2 individual bed that will be joined with Velcro

Magnetovet 4000

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